Company Profile ASK Technologies...


Ask Technologies offers solutions for:
• Water Treatment Systems
• Maintenance Services at Water & Wastewater Treatment Units
• Industrial Automation.
The company was formed as a proprietorship concern.
Ask Technologies offers wastewater and water treatment solutions, which include, membrane separation processes like reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, filtering units, sand filters, activated carbon filters, iron-manganese removing filters, Ion Exchange units, Demineralization units, Mix-bed demineralizing units, softening units etc.

The company also offers complete range of services including design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning as well as maintenance. The offered turnkey solutions translate into efficiency and product quality at the most competitive prices.
Ask Technologies also offers Industrial Automation solutions for chemical, refinery, gas, petrochemical, textiles, food, energy, water and waste water sector.
The company is currently offering solutions through GSD of Turkey in collaboration with the biggest Industrial Companies in the world, as per following details:
FOXBORO DCS, Transmitters - Control Valves
MAGNETROL Level Transmitters
KEYSTONE Valves Group (Butterfly, Ball, Knife gate valves.)
RITTAL Enclosure/Electronic Systems, Power Distribution Components,Outdoor Enclosure
The company is providing engineering know how even for the most complicated projects with DCS, PLC, SCADA and conventional control.
 To participate fully in the socio/economic advancement of the country by utilizing its technical expertise and professional skills.
 To provide quality products and services at economical and competitive cost and value for money to the customers.
 To engage outstanding professionals locally and internationally; and encourage professionalism in all phases of company’s activities including production, technical, marketing, finance and administration. Invest adequately in human resources development at all levels and have a management style which is conducive to development of professionalism and to bring out the full potential of the employees based on the philosophy that the human resources of the company are its most valuable asset.